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Reliable hard working people wanted. Especially Line Cooks. Email us your resume with the position in the subject line.


Manager Benefits

  • Paid Vacation
  • Health Dental Vision
  • Salary Plus Bonus
  • 44 Hour Weeks
  • Hospitality Education Grants
  • Holiday Gifts
  • Free Personal Meals
  • Friend/Family Discounts
  • On-Site Parking

Manager Jobs

General Manager

The GM is responsible for the whole restaurant, including all guests, staff, property, equipment, technology, training and processes. The GM must think like an owner and ensure we deliver on our brand promise of quality, service, cleanliness and value while maintaining profitability.

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Service Manager

The Service Manager assists the GM, with special emphasis on front-of-house operations and guest loyalty. The Service Manager is expected to make guests feel welcome. Service managers are expected to act as GMs in the absence of their superior.

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Kitchen Manager

The Kitchen Manager is ultimately responsible for the quality of every dish served to our guests. That means consistently perfect taste, temperature, size and presentation plus the daily improvement of every person, every process, and every piece of equipment that makes that possible.

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Assistant Kitchen Manager

The AKM assists the Kitchen Manager, with special emphasis on cleanliness, production, supervision and following of standards. The AKM leads by example. AKMs are expected to act as KMs in the absence of their superior.

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Manager Requirements

Guest Satisfaction

Cost Control

Operations & Marketing

Employee Hiring, Training and Retention

Other Requirements

  your resume for Manager jobs.

Hourly Benefits

  • Staff Discounts
  • Subsidized Uniform
  • Vacation Paid Out Bi-weekly
  • Flexible Hours
  • Staff Rewards
  • On-Site Parking

Hourly Jobs


You are attentive, kind, poised, tidy, efficient, knowledgeable and professional. You deliver five-star guest experiences while increasing sales with helpful suggestions. You deliver daily on our brand promise of quality, service, cleanliness and value.

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You are a dynamic bartender with all the skills and qualities of a server above, plus the ability to execute service bar, and the ability to build a business of regulars at the main bar.

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Server Assistant

You are a do-everything helper in the front-of-house. Includes hosting, food running, bussing and cleaning. The assistant greets guests with a memorable smile, ensures all areas are clean, and races to help with whatever is needed to ensure smooth operation of the restaurant.

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Takeout Agent

You have all the skills of a Server Assistant above plus you process pickup and delivery orders by phone, online and in-person. You are mature for your age, smart, personable, professional, careful, detail-oriented and good at math.

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The expeditor organizes finished dishes by table and bill before they go to the guest. The expo must ensure each dish is attractive, tasty and hot. The expeditor checks and garnishes plates from the line and ensures food is correct, on-time, arranged properly, cooked properly and ready to serve.

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Preparation Cook

Prep cooks prepare large batches of food items necessary to meet daily business needs. You produce foods that are great tasting and visually appealing by carefully following family recipes. All cooking must be done from scratch. You are fast, safe, and exceptionally clean. Experience is an asset.

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Line Cook

You prepare dishes to order by following standardized recipes, follow proper food handling and sanitation procedures, and ensure every order is completed to time, to taste, to temp, to plating. You are fast, safe, clean and have a good food sense. Experience is an asset.

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You clean plateware, flatware, cookware and smallware using specialized equipment. You provide sanitized instruments and a safe, clean, hazard-free work environment. You perform maintenance on equipment to ensure performance and work to minimize repair costs.

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Hourly Requirements


We hire people based on enthusiasm and personality, and of course, a little experience always helps. Motivated, honest, and caring people are what bring remarkable individual style to The Olive Press. The attitudes of our staff will make or break how our guests feel about our organization.

Other Requirements

Three or more years of volume restaurant experience is stronly preferred for servers, bartenders and cooks but is not required for junior positions. Must be willing to work hard, learn fast, have a Social Insurance Number, and speak English.

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