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Now open for lunch Friday, Saturday, Sunday from 12pm!


Our Italian Story

We believe in simple and tasty Italian comfort food, warm atmosphere, friendly service, generous portions and fair prices.

Our Five Principles

We operate on five simple principles that anyone can understand.

1. Quality

Food should be simple, tasty, consistent, and made from scratch with whole ingredients.

2. Service

Service should be fast, friendly, tidy, attentive, and knowledgeable, with lots of suggestions.

3. Cleanliness

Everything and everybody should be clean and well maintained.

4. Value

Portions should be generous. Prices should be fair. Beer and wine should be available in value sizes.

5. The Golden Rule

Treat others as you want to be treated. Including guests, employees, suppliers, and community.

Scratch Made

We make it ourselves.

Great Ingredients

Prime meats, fresh vegetables, quality cheeses.

Good Value

Generous portions at fair prices.

What We Are and Aren't

We prefer substance over style. More walk less talk. We like simple, tasty, efficient, scratch-made foods at a good value. We're not really into perfectly frothed and foamed dishes, microgreens, or samurai knife skills.